Working Papers
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I build a HANK (heterogeneous-agent New-Keynesian) model with racial inequality, and study how monetary policy affects different racial groups differently.
with Nils Gornemann and Keith Kuester. Also available as FRB Minneapolis Opportunity and Inclusive Growth Institute (OIGI) Working Paper No.50.
We build the first HANK model with labor market frictions and study heterogeneous welfare implications of monetary policy.
I study the macroeconomic, distributional, and welfare implications of pandemic policies which are already implemented or currently discussed.
with Jose-Victor Rios-Rull, R&R, Review of Economic Studies. Also available as FRB Philadelphia Working Paper No.19-48 and NBER Working Paper No. 20617 (older version).
We report business cycle properties of unsecured consumer credit and bankruptcies, and investigate the underlying mechanism.
with Vladimir Smirnyagin
We investigate how variance and skewness of labor income risks fluctuate over the business cycles.
with Irina A. Telyukova, R&R, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics. Also available as FRB Minneapolis, Opportunity and Inclusive Growth Institute Working Paper No. 8.
We study how differences in medical expense risks between the U.S. and Sweden affect asset decumulation behavior of retirees.
with Didem Tuzemen, R&R, Review of Economic Dynamics.
We investigate health and labor market implications of the ACA, using an equilibrium model with worker and firm heterogeneity.
I study how rising income inequality affects prices of housing and financial assets.