Non-Technical Articles for General Audience
FRB Philadelphia Economic Insights, 2020 Q4, pp. 1-11.
I explore how desirable monetary policy could be affected when the society is aging, as in the U.S. and many other countries.
FRB Philadelphia Economic Insights, 2017 Q2, pp. 1-10.
I explore pros and cons of heavily taxing high income earners.
FRB Philadelphia Business Review, 2015 Q2, pp. 9-16.
I explore how monetary policy affects diverse households in a society differently, and potentially creates winners and losers.
- Featured in Wall Street Journal.
- Featured in Reuter article.
FRB Philadelphia Business Review, 2013 Q2, pp. 17-29.
I illustrate how the Great Recession affected diverse households differently.
FRB Philadelphia Business Review, 2012 Q1, pp. 19-31.
I explain characteristics of Reverse Mortgage Loans (RMLs).
FRB Philadelphia Business Review, 2011 Q2, pp. 20-28.
I present a simple theory of house price determination and use the theory to explore what are the main drivers of house price dynamics over the past 30 years.